The rapid change in the lifestyle of almost all the people in most parts of the globe, beginning from the latter part of 20th century and continuing to be so in the 21st century as well the aging population has become vulnerable to a life threatening problem of solitude, when their siblings are far apart from them or lack of spare time for them to take care of their loved ones. When the new generation is looking for prospects, leaving their elderly parents unattended at home, the isolation not only causes them depression, but also becoming unfortunate victims of unscrupulous elements, under most unfortunate circumstances, when the wives have to live alone after the demise of their husbands, they go thorough untold agonies, abuses and ill treatments. Hence it is of paramount importance to have a home to care for the elderly; where they will feel a secured life and company for themselves.

In such a scenario while the state will not ignore the responsibility as a government the privately owned companies who are capable of lending a helping hand to mitigate their national problems came forward with concepts as solutions.

It is in the backdrop that Nawaloka Holdings (pvt) Ltd. stepped into fulfills their social responsibilities. It was at this juncture that the renowned Japanese Company, which had earned a reputation building and managing eco-friendly homes and providing homely atmosphere to their clients at an affordable cost, was introduced. Since then both parties on a mutual understanding set-up a common platform and work toward one single goal. The birth of the Nagai by Nawaloka is a consequence of this partnership.

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Operating Company Nawaloka Guardian international PLT
Address Nawaloka Hospital 7F 23, Deshamanya H. K Dharmadasa Mawatha,Colombo 2, Sri Lanka.
Tel No. & Fax No. Tel:+94115577111 Fax:+94112430393 (General No. at Nawaloka Hospital)
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